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Official Rules
Our community is extremely important and these rules will be strictly enforced.

Last Update: September 29th, 2015
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Please read the following Official Rules before playing. By signing up, you agree to these rules as well as the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Official Rules

These rules are to help all players have a good time.

Anyone breaking rules will be locked out of their account and contacted by an Administrator or Moderator via the offending account's registered email address. Continued violation of the rules can lead to a permanent suspension of your account and access to the site and game. These rules are enforced by the Administrators and Moderators.

List of Rules
  1. Verbal/written attacking of any players, Administrators, or the game itself is forbidden. You are welcome to your opinions, but be smart and courteous of others.
  2. Do not provide your account's login credentials to any other party. If you do allow another party to access your account, we hold no responsibility for any damage or changes. (If your account is accessed by an unauthorized party, please contact us immediately.)
  3. If you discover a bug or exploit, report it to an Administrator or Moderator immediately. Do not share this information with any other player or in any public space. Unless advised otherwise, you may continue using the bug to your advantage for the remainder of your play session.

    If the exploit is deemed "game breaking" by the Administrator or Moderator, you will be asked to not exploit it. We respect and reward those who discover interesting bugs, but it is important to maintain a stable community.
  4. If someone informs you of an exploit, they are breaking a rule. Please inform an Administrator or Moderator immediately. Do not replicate or use the exploit.
  5. Bots, Scripts, and other outside programs are not explicitly banned, but we do ask that you let an Administrator or Moderator know of their existence. If we detect your use of one without our being informed, you will be in violation of the rules.
  6. You can be warned or deleted for displaying any of the following:
    (This includes username and camp name choices.)
    • Advertising
    • Abusive words or harassment
    • Links to anything offensive, derogatory, pornographic, or malicious
    • JavaScript, PHP, non-allowed HTML tags, or any other attempts to circumvent game code
    • Racist, sexist, generally derogatory, or obscene comments
    • Personally identifying information about yourself or others (such as address, phone/cell number, etc.)
    • Non-public information about a camp in the in-game and public forums (such as battle reports, spy reports, etc.)
    • Misspellings or alternate spellings intended to circumvent these restrictions
  7. Deliberate hacking attempts are prohibited. If criminal trespass laws are broken, we and our server team will contact the proper authorities. Attempting to log in to another's account is considered trespass.
  8. Do not impersonate an Administrator or Moderator. Admins and Mods will be clearly displayed. All who do not have the proper colors and/or suffix are NOT Admins or Mods. We will never ask for your password. A legitimate Administrator or Moderator has access to the information needed for troubleshooting.
  9. Message spamming of any kind is prohibited. What exactly constitutes "spamming" can be subjective and Administrators or Moderators will take action as needed.
  10. If any of the Official Rules are broken and you are aware or informed, it is your duty to inform an Administrator or Moderator immediately. Not doing so is a violation of the rules and your account may be subject to similar restrictions.

The wrap-up
Some games limit how long you can stay on per day, we do not. You are responsible for your personal time management. We understand that those with more time to play may gain some advantages, however all Camps are granted turns based on the same round timer.

If you find something cool, let us know. If you have an idea, let us know. If you write a calculator that isn't provided by the development team, send it to us. We may post a link to it (with permission and proper credit) for others to use and enjoy as well.

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